Treatments at Home

Royal Wharf Clinic is proud to offer a comprehensive range of medical services, including the convenience of medical home visits.

Highly Skilled Team

Our highly skilled team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re interested in cosmetic treatments such as Antiwrinkle Treatment, fillers, or Profhilo, or require essential medical procedures like blood tests or intramuscular injections such as B12 and Vitamin D, our clinic is fully equipped to cater to your needs.

Our medical home visits ensure that you can receive the highest standard of care without the hassle of traveling to a clinic. Our experienced practitioners will bring their expertise and equipment right to your doorstep, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and privacy of personalised healthcare in your own environment. At Royal Wharf Clinic, we prioritise your well-being and are committed to delivering exceptional medical services that meet your unique requirements. Whether you’re seeking aesthetic enhancements or essential medical treatments, our home visits guarantee that you receive the attention and care you deserve.

We Provide The Best Beauty Care For Your Family!

Our Prices

Please note that there is a £75.00 call out charge in addition to the treatment price.

Home Treatments