Skin Assessment

A skin assessment is very important prior to any aesthetic treatment. The evaluation will vary depending on your procedure of choice and the complexity of your skin.

Skin Assessment

Our staff is expertly trained to analyse skin composition using our cutting-edge ultrasound technology. We aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of your skin to allow us to tailor a treatment regime specific to your individual requirements.

The skin assessment will typically be performed following the completion of a medical questionnaire that highlights your eligibility for treatment. After taking into account your age, lifestyle, and underlying medical history, we can go on to identify a variety of skin conditions, lesions, and skin growths and assess your skin tone based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. The assessment for potential tissue damage includes an observation of the skin for changes in colour compared with the surrounding skin. Certain skin injuries may occur deeper in the skin layers, and so warrant the need for further scans for better detection.

By using our piezoelectric transducer ultrasound technology, we can identify lesions or discrepancies found up to 8cm below the skin surface. This same technology can also be used to help guide specific injectable therapy, such as dermal fillers and botox, to the required treatment sites with utmost precision. Any medical conditions discovered during your skin assessment that cannot be treated at the clinic will be relayed back to you, and we will refer you to the appropriate specialist. Contact us today and book an appointment with one of our experts to find out how a skin assessment will benefit you.



Precise injectable treatments
Comprehensive skin analysis
Allow for tailored treatments
Address hidden damage


Skin assessments are vital components of most injectable procedures. They can help identify a candidate’s eligibility for treatment and give us an opportunity to get to know your skin in specific detail. A skin assessment at the Royal Wharf Clinic will help outline the best course of treatment for your skin and allow us to provide such treatment with precision and accuracy. Outlining why it’s necessary - during your skin assessment, our staff will ask you why you want a specific procedure. Detailed answers are required, which then allow us to determine which of our many treatments are best suited to you. Accurate analysis for guided therapy - touching and visualising the skin is not always enough to analyse the skin. We utilise ultrasound technology to relay high-quality 3D images of the layers underneath the skin. This helps us visualise the network of skin tissue found below the skin and shows the direction of blood flow to specific lesions or growths. The scans can also be used to help guide certain injections to pinpoint accuracy. Identify skin complications - a skin assessment, although mainly used for aesthetic purposes, can sometimes be a beneficial tool in identifying abnormal skin growths found on or below the skin’s surface. If some findings occur, we will recommend a course of treatment available at the clinic or refer you to an appropriate specialist.
Your first steps on your journey to younger, healthier skins start with an initial consultation. Our skin analysis consultants will begin with an extensive skin assessment and consultation that sets out your treatment goals and aspirations, identifies your skin condition, outlines your current skin-care routine, and tackles your queries or concerns.

We advise you to use this opportunity to raise any questions regarding our assessment process or voice any concerns you may have about your current skin condition. Treating a skin concern is not always a ‘one-off’ event and may therefore require several different treatments to achieve desired results. Our consultants will advise you on the best treatment options for you found at our clinic, and provide you with additional reading materials if requested.

If you wish to proceed with our comprehensive skin assessment, we will ask for you to register onto our HIPAA and GDPR-compliant system, and fill out the appropriate consent forms necessary for us to proceed. Once complete, our staff will book an appointment for you on the next available date and time most convenient to your schedule.
Our skin analysis service is non-invasive, effective, and safe. They can be performed on anyone and everyone, with hopes of shedding light on the course of action to treat the detected result. However, certain findings during your assessment may revert your eligibility for a particular procedure and may require further referral to an appropriate healthcare professional for treatment. Based on our results, those who present with the following conditions may be unsuitable for cosmetic treatment:

Active infection – patients with active skin infections, such as with Herpes Simplex Virus, solar keratoses, active eczema, psoriasis, or cellulitis on the site of treatment may be referred to another health practitioner for appropriate treatment. We will reschedule your appointment for your desired procedure once the infection resolves.

Active ACNE – treating overactive ACNE papules or pustules is not advised. A few spots can be avoided, but if ACNE is persistent and affects a large surface area, treatment should be rescheduled until control has been achieved.

Abnormal skin lesions – some skin lesions may display characteristics of a more sinister disease, such as myeloma. In such case, our doctors will refer you to an appropriate specialist to get the matter attended to as soon as possible.

Additionally, certain medical conditions or medications may make the condition of your skin unsuitable for cosmetic therapy. We ask for you to disclose the entirety of your current medical history, including medications you take so we can determine if cosmetic treatment is suitable for you. Medications such as Accutane and doxycycline can make your skin sensitive to sunlight, which renders certain treatments ineffective or dangerous. Conditions that affect your immune system can make you more susceptible to infection. And lastly, some cosmetic procedures may be contraindicated during pregnancy.


After a skin assessment is complete, our qualified doctors will be able to analyse the results and tailor a treatment plan using one of our many services that best suit your individual features and skin composition. Some people may only require one form of treatment to reach their desired aesthetic appearance, whereas others will need a combination of treatments to achieve optimal effect. Our staff will discuss with you the services we have to offer here at the Royal Wharf Clinic and signpost you to our booking system should you choose to proceed with treatment.


Visually, we will inspect the skin’s colour, temperature, texture, moisture, and integrity. We will also look for any signs of infection and breakage in the skin and then proceed with an ultrasound scan to further examine the anatomy below your skin.
Our skin is continuously changing. As such, we advise all of our patients to have a skin assessment at least once per year.
We will conduct all skin assessments in a private consultation room.
Your skin type is the skin you which were born with. Skin condition refers to the integrity, texture, and look of your skin at the time of assessment.
A skin assessment can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the extent of analysis required for your skin.
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