In our mission to bring you the latest and most advanced cosmetic treatments that not only deliver the best results but do so most conveniently, we want to introduce to you the EPN pen. By combining the intricacies of electroporation and the precision of microneedling, our experts here at the Royal Wharf Clinic will use this 2-in-1 treatment device to produce long-lasting, natural results.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure during which your cosmetic specialist will perform superficial and controlled puncturing of the skin using very small, microfine needles. These needles make evenly-spaced puncture wounds on the surface of the skin that stimulate the body’s immune system to start its natural wound-healing process. In turn, the body starts to produce newer collagen and elastin which are two vital natural components for the restoration of natural youthfulness.

The EPN pen incorporates this microneedling technique using ultra-fine stainless steel needles with the process of electroporation – a painless treatment during which an electrical pulse is fired into the dermis that then creates space between cells and opens the cell membrane. In turn, the cells can absorb the treatment serums more readily to produce better results.

The EPN pen combined the benefits of both microneedling and electroporation to significantly increase the amount of treatment serum delivered to the skin, thereby producing much more noticeable results in a shorter time frame.

If you’re troubled by various signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds, or are worried about scars and stretch marks and are wanting for a rapid route to rejuvenation, then the EPN microneedling treatment may be for you. London residents who wish to have EPN therapy can contact the Royal Wharf Clinic at their soonest convenience to arrange a consultation with one of our cosmetic experts.



Low risk of infection
Minimal side effect profile
Natural skin rejuvenation
Treats scarring and stretch marks
Improves hair regrowth


The EPN pen is an innovative drug delivery device that stimulates a natural skin healing process whilst simultaneously enhancing the delivery of a substance directly onto the skin. The result? Optimal stimulation to the treated area without damaging the skin. The treatment works by boosting collagen formation to make skin firmer, brighter, and younger. Those looking to improve the look of their scars, want to encourage hair growth, or want to look younger, should familiarise themselves with the below points. Can be used for all skin types - unlike other cosmetic treatments that are limited by skin pigmentation, the EPN pen can be used on all skin types and colours. It causes no direct damage to the outer layers of the skin, and any pigmentation caused is more often minimal. Can be used in combination with other treatments - the EPN pen considerably improves your skin’s permeability and its ability to absorb treatment serums. You can combine the EPN with other treatments offered here at the Royal Wharf Clinic for more optimal results.
If you decide that the EPN microneedling treatment is for you, you’ll be asked to book a consultation with one of the Royal Wharf Clinic cosmetic consultants. This mandatory consultation is put in place to allow us to determine your eligibility for EPN treatment, whilst at the same time allowing you to understand the need-to-know of the procedure.

During the consultation, we’ll be assessing your skin condition to make sure there is no active infection and confirm that treatment is not contraindicated. We’ll also ask you about your medical and social history, including any conditions you currently suffer from, medicines you take, and any lifestyle factors that may aggravate certain skin conditions. Lastly, we’ll go through the process with you from start to finish and explain to you what to expect following your treatments.

Once happy, you will be asked to register a profile using our HIPAA and GDPR-approved onboarding system that stores your information safely. Once you fill out the forms and sign the applicable consent forms we’ll get your first appointment booked at a time and date best suited to you.
EPN microneedling is a generally well-tolerated procedure, more so than its two elements individually. However, like all cosmetic procedures, the EPN pen is not completely risk-free. Although rare, the EPN pen can cause some side effects associated with the treatment site, including:

Dryness – some people may experience minor dryness of the skin. This will improve over a couple of days.
Bruising – those with more sensitive skin may experience bruising and redness on the treatment site which should resolve relatively quickly.
Infection – although we do our best to ensure utmost sterility during the procedure, there are rare cases in which infection may occur on the treatment site. We will provide appropriate treatment if such an infection should occur.

Although the side effect profile of the EPN pen is minimal, some individuals may be ineligible for treatment. The contraindications for Profhilo injections are:

Active infections – unfortunately, the EPN pen cannot be used on areas of the skin on which there is an active infection. We advise those with an active infection or flare-up of a skin condition to wait until their condition subsidies before booking an appointment.

Take blood thinners – given the nature of the treatment, those who take blood thinning medications such as warfarin may be at a higher risk of bleeding.
Have underlying health conditions – certain health conditions such as active eczema, keloid scarring, and haemophilia may be aggravated by EPN treatment.

Pregnancy – few studies have been performed on pregnant individuals who want EPN treatment. As such, to ensure your safety, we will be rejecting all pregnant individuals from treatment.


For the best results following your EPN microneedling treatment, it’s best to wait a couple of weeks. The premise of the treatment works on restoring your body’s ability to regenerate new skin. This process takes time, and so results become apparent after a couple of weeks. Multiple treatment sessions are recommended for those undergoing EPN microneedling treatment in London. This is to help improve the skin to naturally improve its laxity, strength, and appearance over time. The number of treatment sessions may vary from person to person. We advise all clients to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and wear make-up (aside from using a high SPF sun cream) for 48 hours after their treatment.


If you have any more questions regarding scar and stretch mark laser treatment in London, then take a look at the following frequently asked questions.
The EPN pen is a device that combines electroporation and microneedling into an all-in-one treatment. It helps promote newer cells and allows the skin’s cells to absorb topical products better and more efficiently.
Multiple EPN treatment sessions may be needed to achieve your desired results. The number of sessions will ultimately depend on your skin condition. Generally speaking, for moderate scarring, upward of 5 treatments may be needed, whereas, for general ageing, as little as 3 treatment sessions could be enough. We will give you the timeframe for your treatments during your initial consultation.
We use CE-certified serums approved by regulatory bodies.
For most people, a total of 3-9 sessions are required to achieve optimal results. This ultimately depends on the status of your skin and your tailored treatment plan, which will be explained to you during your consultation.
We recommend that all those due to arrive for their EPN treatment do so with skin that is clear from makeup. We advise you to avoid alcohol and caffeine, and avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin 48 hours beforehand to minimise your risk of bleeding.
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