Onychomycosis Fungal

Quick rectification of the infection is necessary to prevent it from spreading to other nails and to reduce the risk of disease progression. Our doctors at the Royal Wharf Clinic are expertly trained to use the state-of-the-art Motus AY laser to treat fungal nail infections to produce more effective results than conventional medicated therapy.

Onychomycosis Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infections are unsightly and can affect Onychomycosis, otherwise known as fungal nail infections, are common, contagious, and can cause discomfort if not treated promptly. At the confidence of many, preventing them from enjoying the warmth of sunshine during the summer months. Through the use of laser light therapy, our cosmetic experts can direct the laser pulse directly onto the affected nail bed to disrupt fungal growth and restore the nail.

Our cutting-edge Motus AY laser works by pulsing lasers directly at the site of infection. The water in the nail bed absorbs the light waves which in turn heats the fungus and destroys the dermatophytes.

The laser is administered through short, quick pulses to ensure minimal pain is felt during treatment. The procedure takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the number of nails infected. Multiple treatment sessions may be required to complete the process.

If you are affected by fungal nail infections and do not like the idea of taking a prolonged course of medications, then our Motus AY fungal nail laser treatment may be for you. Contact the Royal Wharf Clinic at your soonest convenience to discuss the benefits of our Motus AY fungal nail treatment.



No downtime
No anaesthesia required
Only 4-6 treatments needed
No harm to surrounding skin
No medications needed


Where traditionally the Motus AY laser was used to treat skin conditions, research has shone a light on its benefits in treating fungal nail infections. Getting rid of a fungal nail infection can significantly boost your confidence and get you back to enjoying the feeling of sand rushing through your feet. We’ve compiled a short list of important notes that we think you should familiarise yourself with before your treatment. You will need multiple sessions - unfortunately, most fungal nail infections cannot be resolved after just one session. For the majority of people, 3-6 sessions spaced 1-2 weeks apart will be required to produce maximal results. It doesn’t hurt - the laser works by heating up the infected nail bed with the aim to destroy the fungus. You may feel slight discomfort during the procedure, but this should feel nothing more than a slight sensation of heat. You won’t need medications - there are no adjunctive medications associated with fungal nail laser treatment. Once your session is over you can leave the clinic and continue carrying out your regular daily activities.


There is minimal downtime associated with fungal nail laser treatment using the Motus AY laser. You can get back to carrying out your regular daily activities immediately after treatment. Any redness or swelling associated with treatment should resolve in a couple of days. Multiple sessions will be needed to completely cure the infection. As such, results will not be apparent immediately, but progression can be seen after the second session.

If you are currently suffering from a fungal nail infection that just doesn’t seem to resolve, then we recommend you book an initial consultation with one of our cosmetic consultants. During the consultation, we will evaluate your infection and determine how many nails are affected.

We will talk you through the process, including how the procedure works, what you may expect to feel during treatment, and when the sessions will be complete based on the severity of your infection. You can use this time to voice any concerns or queries you may have regarding the treatment, and we will do our best to answer your questions comprehensively.

If you’re deemed a suitable candidate for treatment and wish to proceed with treatment, we’ll ask you to register a profile using our GDPR and HIPAA-approved system. You will need to read, agree to, and sign a consent form which highlights your treatment, any possible side effects, and contraindications. Once complete, our staff will arrange a date and time for your first session best suited to your schedule.
The Motus AY laser is a pioneer in its class, using the most up-to-date technology to produce outstanding results. As with all non-invasive cosmetic procedures, there is a rare risk of side effects associated with fungal nail laser treatment using the Motus AY laser, including:

Mild discomfort – treatment with laser light therapy can feel uncomfortable. Most people would describe the sensation as a slight heat or tingle on the toes that does not warrant the need for anaesthetic. If you have particularly sensitive skin or are anxious about the treatment at all, then just tell your clinician to pause the treatment at any time.

Irritation – the skin around the treatment site may become red, and the skin around the nail bed may slightly swell. This is completely normal and should resolve within 24-72 hours of your treatment.
Blistering – although rare, the treated skin may blister and scar following treatment. We follow strict procedure protocols to ensure that our techniques minimize the risk of complication whilst at the same time providing a comfortable experience.

Due to the nature of laser treatment, some people may not be suitable candidates. These people are those who have:

Medication – certain medicines increase photosensitivity, meaning that they make your skin more susceptible to damage from light rays. Individuals who have photosensitive skin may experience more side effects associated with treatment, so it is essential that you inform us of all medications you take, both short and long-term, to allow us to determine your eligibility for treatment.

Tattoos – dark ink pigments can absorb light produced from the laser which may discolour or partially remove a tattoo. Although we will do our best to work around any tattoo that is present, individuals must be aware of the risk of damage to their ink.


You must not wear any nail polish, gels, or other nail products prior to your procedure. We advise you to cut your nails clean and short. Our technicians may need to file your nail before your treatment.
Once you have completed all sessions, then the fungus will have been permanently treated. If you do not attend all sessions, there is a possibility of the infection spreading.
Most people need 3-6 sessions for complete treatment. Results will not be apparent immediately, but progression can be observed with each subsequent treatment.
It takes approximately 30 minutes to treat one foot.
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