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Scarring & Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, otherwise known as striae, are a form of scarring on the skin that can occur as a result of weight gain, general ageing, sagging skin, pregnancy, or muscle gain.

Scarring & Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can appear as an off-colour hue and may be unsightly if present on visible areas of the skin. Scars and stretch marks can diminish over time, but will not disappear completely. Thanks to the refinement of various medical technologies, we at the Royal Wharf Clinic can treat and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks using our state-of-the-art 3JUVE laser.

Aberrant wound healing can result in an unsightly scar which has the potential to cause functional and cosmetic deformities, discomfort, and psychological distress. However, scars are normal. They are the inevitable outcome of tissue repair that occurs following injury to the skin. Most commonly, scars appear after a trauma that removes various layers of the skin, ACNE, and invasive surgeries.

Striae, or stretch marks, are indented, off-colour streaks that can affect the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, back, and groin. They result from a rapid weight change or are associated with excess use of corticosteroids. Stretch marks can be unsightly, and may require cosmetic intervention for them to improve in appearance.

By utilising similar mechanisms to those used in our skin rejuvenation services, our cosmetic experts at the Royal Wharf clinic can help significantly improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The laser resurfacing technology precisely targets the desired area of skin which then eliminates old surface pigment and promotes the regeneration of essential components such as collagen that naturally revive the skin. In turn, the skin begins to heal and creates healthier, tighter tissue.

If you are affected by significant scarring or stretch marks and have found no relief from conventional creams or oils, then turn to our expertise at the Royal Wharf Clinic. London residents can contact us at their soonest convenience to book an appointment and kickstart their rejuvenation.



Most effective scar and stretch mark treatment
Effective for all skin types
Enhance skin complexion
Little downtime
Relatively pain-free


Our ResurFACE laser technology is renowned for its ability to achieve impressive results and avoid serious complications. Unfortunately, medical literature and advancements toward the complete removal of scars and stretch marks are yet to be orchestrated. With that in mind, we believe that before you opt for your scar and stretch mark treatment, you should familiarise yourselves with the following facts: Laser treatment cannot completely remove stretch marks and scars - our 3JUVE laser treatment is highly effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars. The treatment can reduce pain and itching associated with scarring, increase your range of motion if a scar has previously limited you, and can improve the colour of stretch marks and scars. You may need multiple treatment sessions - Although smaller scars and stretch marks may be treated in one session, the majority of individuals require at least 3-9 sessions to start seeing some effect. Sessions can be performed 4-6 weeks apart. Overall improvement takes time, and the effects of our laser treatment may not be completely visible until a few weeks after your treatment sessions. You need to care for your skin at home - Scars and stretch marks are already thinner and more delicate areas of the skin. Following scar and stretch mark laser therapy here in London, we advise all individuals to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 48 hours, use SPF50+ sun lotions, and regularly moisturise the treated area.


Immediately after treatment, your skin may look red and swollen. However, we will provide ice packs and apply cool air which should help alleviate any discomfort. Swelling and redness should resolve within a couple of days. You may not see any visible reductions in your scars or stretch marks immediately. The laser treatment takes some time to take full effect. This is because the laser treatment stimulates collagen, which slowly regenerates the skin over time. Make sure to keep your skin protected from sunlight for at least the first 48 hours after treatment, and regularly use SPF50+ sun lotion. You can moisturise your treated area once or twice per day to allow the skin to heal. Final results should reach their peak within six months of treatment.

No person is the same. As such, no laser treatment can be the same. Before booking in for your first scar and stretch mark laser treatment, we’ll ask you to undergo an initial consultation with one of our cosmetic consultants. During this consultation, we’ll identify your skin type, examine your scars or stretch marks, discuss your overall health, and determine your eligibility for treatment.

We require you to be open and honest during this consultation, disclosing any crucial information about your underlying medical and social history. This is to make sure that the laser treatment offered to you is not contraindicated, and so that we can minimise the risk of complication. You can also use this consultation as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding treatment.

After the consultation, our staff will ask you to register a profile using our HIPAA and GDPR-approved system. Here, you will store your contact details including your name and address, and you will be asked to complete the appropriate consent forms. Once complete, we’ll get you booked for your first scar and stretch mark treatment session at a date and time suited to your schedule.
The 3JUVE laser is generally well-tolerated and relatively pain-free. However, as with all minor cosmetic procedures, there still is a small risk of side effects associated with our stretch mark and scar laser treatment. We strictly comply with procedure guidelines and clinical protocols, but unfortunately, some individuals may experience some side effects such as:

Mild pain – as the laser heats the affected area, some people may experience a sensation similar to mild sunburn or a heated pinprick. Immediately after the treatment, your skin may be pink and slightly tender. However, we use cooling technologies and precise manoeuvres to reduce the intensity of this effect.

Slight crusting – following treatment, your skin may start to form micro-crusts for the first couple of days. This is completely normal and is a sign of healing. The crust should flake off around the fifth day after treatment.

Certain medical conditions and medicines may make the scar and stretch mark treatment ineffective. Individuals presenting with the following conditions or taking any of the medications listed below will be refused treatment until their condition resolves;

Active infections – we cannot treat the affected area if you have an active infection around the site. Come back to us once your infection has resolved.

Certain medications – some medicines can make the treatment more harmful. For example, medicines that increase your skin’s photosensitivity may increase the chance of your skin burning during treatment. Additionally, blood-thinning medicines may increase your risk of bleeding. As such, we require everyone to fully disclose all medicines, both over-the-counter and prescription, that they take so that we can determine if laser treatment is safe.

Tattoos – dark ink pigments can absorb the light energy emitted by the 3JUVE laser. When this occurs, the tattoo may fade. Although we do our best to work around a tattoo, we cannot guarantee that all tattoos won’t be affected.


Stretch marks appear when any part of the body grows quicker than your skin’s ability to stretch. In turn, this produces thin, rippled marks along your body called striae or stretch marks. Most commonly stretch marks occur after pregnancy, weight gain, and weight loss.
The 3JUVE laser uses some of the most advanced technologies coupled with a cooling wand that ensures pain is kept at a minimum. However, some people may experience a mild sensation of pain, which can often be compared to the feeling of a hot pin prick or minor sunburn.
Smaller stretch marks and scars may resolve after just one treatment, however, most individuals will require at least 3 sessions before results can be evident. Results do not occur immediately, and full effect can usually be seen around 6 months after your final treatment session.
The length of each treatment session varies depending on the site, size, and colour of your stretch marks and scars. However, on average it takes around 15 – 90 minutes per session.

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