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Acne Scarring

Active acne breakouts can be frustrating, painful, and unsightly, affecting both your confidence and self-esteem.

Acne Scarring

Although there are pharmacological treatments available for the management of acne, they can’t always alleviate the scars acne can leave behind. At the Royal Wharf Clinic, we use 3JUVE – a cutting-edge laser technology that combines the UK’s three most popular anti-ageing systems to produce long-lasting effects. Our London cosmetic specialists are expertly trained in utilising all functions of the 3JUVE to significantly improve the appearance of acne scars.

Acne vulgaris commonly affects a large majority of the general population. Severe inflammation and injury can lead to profound scarring that causes detrimental psychological effects and impacts an individual’s quality of life. Numerous therapeutic options for acne scarring are available, including the use of chemical peels, microneedling, medicated ointments, and laser therapy.

By using the reBRIGHT feature of our 3JUVE laser, our cosmetic specialists can target precise Intense Pulsed Light therapy directly onto an affected area of the skin. The treatment works by firing short pulses of high-intensity light waves to restore the skin’s appearance. The light beams generate heat at the target location, which initially damages the skin in order to provoke a restorative response. This triggers the formation of new collagen – the compound responsible for regenerating new skin cells – to produce natural rejuvenation of the skin, restoring the colour and appearance of skin damaged by acne scars.

The 3JUVE laser uses multiple wavelengths of light to tackle several different skin conditions and allows for use on all skin tones highlighted by the Fitzpatrick Scale. If you are affected by acne scarring and wish for a non-invasive, highly effective treatment option, then contact the Royal Wharf Clinic today to book your initial consultation.



Effective for all skin types
Improve confidence
Minimal downtime
Quick procedure


It’s important to set realistic expectations before going into any cosmetic procedure. Crucially, you must be aware that despite using the most modern cosmetic laser technology, the 3JUVE laser cannot completely get rid of acne scars. It can, however, considerably improve the appearance of acne scars, making them far less noticeable. When opting for acne scar laser treatment in London, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the following need-to-know points listed below to help guide your treatment options: You must have avoided tanning or extensive exposure to sunlight before treatment - we cannot treat those who have recently used tanning beds or have been on a tanning holiday in the past 8 weeks. Results don’t appear immediately - given the nature of the treatment, you must give your skin time for it to heal and restore. You will start to notice some improvement in your scars around 10 days after treatment, but full results may not be seen for a couple of months after. You may need multiple treatment sessions - a minimum of four treatments will be required to produce optimal results. These sessions will be spaced 4 weeks apart. Up to eight sessions may be required for some individuals.
A consultation with one of our cosmetic consultants before booking an appointment is necessary to allow us to determine your eligibility for treatment. During your initial consultation, we will go through in detail your medical history, assess the condition of your acne scars, and explain to you how the procedure will work.

You can use this consultation as an opportunity to ask our staff any questions or concerns you may have regarding treatment. If for any reason, we deem you unfit for treatment, then we may recommend alternative treatments offered at the Royal Wharf Clinic, or advise you to seek medical help elsewhere.

Once the consultation is over, we’ll ask for you to register a profile using our HIPAA and GDPR-approved system. You will have to consent to treatment and fill out any necessary supporting documents that will facilitate the treatment process. When you’re ready to book your appointment, contact our clinic via phone, email, or in person, and we’ll get you booked for your first session as soon as conveniently possible.
The 3JUVE laser uses the latest laser technology to ensure that the risk of side effects is kept to an all-time low. However, as with all cosmetic procedures, there still is a risk of complication to some degree. Most commonly, individuals may experience the following:

Slight discomfort – the intense pulsed light waves work by heating up and damaging the skin cells. This heat can be mildly uncomfortable but does not require the use of an anaesthetic. Most individuals would describe the sensation as similar to that of a hot pin prick.

Certain medical conditions and medicines may make the scar and stretch mark treatment ineffective. Individuals presenting with the following conditions or taking any of the medications listed below will be refused treatment until their condition resolves;

Roaccutane – if you are currently on a course of Roaccutane, or have taken it in the past 6 months, then you will not be able to undergo laser treatment as it can increase your chances of scarring from the laser.

Pregnancy – the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can alter the effects of high-intensity light therapy and increase the risk of complications associated with laser treatment.

Medical conditions – individuals who have autoimmune conditions such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus that weaken the immune system will not be suitable candidates for treatment.

Medicines – blood-thinning medicines, medications that increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, and certain antibiotics may increase your risk of developing a complication. Please disclose all medicines that you take so that we can direct you to the appropriate treatment path.

Previous treatment – individuals who have previously received acne scar treatment in the form of a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or microneedling will have to wait 6 months before IPL treatment can commence.

Active infection – we cannot perform the treatment on areas with an active infection. We will advise you to reschedule your appointment once the infection is resolved.


You will need to be vigilant when caring for your skin following acne scar laser therapy. The treated skin will become vulnerable to damage from the sun, so we advise that you try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least 24 hours after treatment, and regularly use SPF50+ every time you leave the house for at least two weeks after treatment. Your skin may feel tender and appear red, but this should diminish over a couple of days. You will start to notice the effect of the treatment 7-10 days after your session, but the final results may not be apparent for 6-9 months.


If you have any more questions regarding scar and stretch mark laser treatment in London, then take a look at the following frequently asked questions.
The 3JUVE acne scar laser treatment works in two ways. Firstly, it destroys the damaged upper layer of the scars. Second, it works by causing intentional damage to the skin beneath, so that natural collagen can function and regenerate skin cells, thereby naturally restoring the skin’s appearance.
IPL is a non-invasive treatment option that has minimal downtime compared with alternative remedies. It is safe and effective when used appropriately and is suitable for most adults. The treatment times are short, and the side effect profile of the laser is minimal.
At least 4 and a maximum of 8 sessions are required for optimal results. However, these results may take up to 6 months to fully appear.
Each treatment session takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the treatment site.

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