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Organic Whey Protein Isolate

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ur organic whey protein isolate is made differently to most whey proteins. Whey protein is normally made using whey left over from the cheese making process, but our organic whey protein isolate is made by filtering the whey directly from fresh milk, resulting in what we believe is the freshest whey protein on the market.

The milk comes from organically reared grass fed cows in the UK, Austria and Switzerland, and the taste is neutral and creamy, perfect for sneaking in extra quality protein when you’re making smoothies or baking, but it is also very pleasant as it is just mixed with water, milk or yoghurt.

Whey protein isolate is also just an incredibly readily absorbed protein source. It is ranked number one in the bioavailability index, with whey protein concentrate being at number two. So if you want a whey protein that is the most fresh and most readily absorbed, with no additives and made using milk from organic grass fed cows, then our organic whey protein isolate is the one to go for 🙂

How is this different to the regular organic whey protein?

Our organic whey protein isolate goes through an additional filtration stage, giving us a higher protein content and making it even more readily absorbed by our bodies than the regular organic whey protein (a concentrate). Whey protein isolate is ranked number one in the bioavailability index, with whey protein concentrate at number two, and in third place are eggs.

Or for a more detailed explanation…

Both our regular organic whey protein and our organic whey protein isolate go through a filtration process known as ultrafiltration, whereby the whey is filtered with a very fine pore size of approximately 0.01 micron. However, the isolate first goes through microfiltration before going through the ultrafiltration stage. The microfiltration step uses a pore size of around 0.1 micron, so although the pore size is larger, this still helps increase the protein content further by removing even more fats, sugars and other naturally occurring non-protein things in the milk prior to going through the ultrafiltration stage, thereby helping increase the protein content further still. To be more precise, it currently gives us 88.6% protein instead of the 79% protein (on average) in our regular organic whey protein.



  • 88.6g protein per 100g / 22.15g protein per 25g serving
  • Fast to digest, so your body can break it down quickly to get to the good stuff
  • Contains all the essential and branched chain amino acids
  • Hormone free, gluten free, soya free and GMO free
  • Made in Austria by filtering fresh organic milk twice using purely mechanical ceramic filtration
  • The milk comes from organic farms in the UK, Austria, Switzerland, and depending on the supply may also come from organic farms in other European countries.
  • Independent nutritional test certificates published for every batch
  • A source of calcium and phosphorus
  • Neutral creamy taste, making it a very versatile ingredient
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Certified Organic by The Organic Food Federation
  • 25p donated to Compassion in World Farming for every pack, to help support an amazing team of people who are working tirelessly to bring an end to factory farming globally, one milestone at a time (of which there have been many). So far we’ve donated more than £30,000.

Who is it for

This is a protein powder anyone can use, regardless of what your goals may be. People often use our organic whey protein for the following reasons:

  • Recovery
  • Supporting a healthy active lifestyle
  • To help keep going during times of physical stress
  • Increased need for protein as a result of medical issues
  • Lacking protein from other foods due to dietary restrictions
  • Some people just enjoy the taste and find the benefits to be a bonus

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400 gr, 1.2 kg

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